Why Hire Professional Painters?

As one of Vancouver's premier painting companies, we deliver quality painting services throughout the lower mainland, by insuring that our painters are trained in the application of latex, elastomeric, urethane and epoxy coatings using brush, roll and spray techniques.  Our core painters and helpers have been with us for a minimum of five years and have been trained in the various forms of surface preparation, fall protection, first aid, and proper site cleanup and waste disposal.  We maintain a five million dollar liability insurance and we are also covered by WCB.  If an accident or damage occurs on your property, you are covered.

We aim to keep disturbances during painting to a minimum.  Our estimators and project foreman carefully plan the project, schedule it to be convenient to your needs, start promptly, keep the site tidy and focus on the job until it is completed to your satisfaction.  Upon completion, we will do a thorough cleanup of the site and all materials will be recycled or disposed of according to municipal and provincial laws governing waste disposal.

Please have a look at our services offered.  When you are ready, schedule your free estimate.

Do you need some cleaning done?  We can do high pressure or low pressure cleaning of building exteriors, sidewalks and entrances, parkades and decks.  We use environment friendly practices and solutions to remove mold, mildew and exhaust stains.

Water damage can occur through newly formed cracks or openings on your building's exterior.  Let us protect your investment by completely restoring your waterproofing system.  Our exprienced crew will carefully remove the old material and prepare

Are you tired of repainting or maintaining high traffic areas?  We recommend vinyl wallpaper application as an alternative to painting high wear and tear areas, such as hallways.  It's a low maintenance solution that protects drywall and other wal

Cracked, spalling or damaged concrete?  Let us repair it.  We can provide quick and economical solutions for repairing the damage without causing your building complex or facility excessive downtime.  Concrete repairs can vary from small areas of

Epoxy flooring is a beautiful and durable finish for a showroom, a warehouse, a parkade, or other commercial area.  These types of coatings can add years of service


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Thursday March 30th 2017
After the non-stop snow and rain, we finally have a sunny day! Hope we could have a sunny summer! Time to paint!